Humpback Fixed Back Correction Belt
Humpback Fixed Back Correction Belt

Humpback Fixed Back Correction Belt

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1. High quality magnetic posture corrector
2. From one of the world's top manufacturers, this perfect posture orthosis is designed to apply pressure on your shoulders and gently pull them back to improve your posture and appearance.
3. Our latest version includes the added benefit of tourmaline magnets to help improve blood flow and relieve pain usually associated with bad posture.
Although there are many cheap posture correctors, we guarantee our most comfortable. It is made of high quality materials, soft and beautiful, sewing and finishing
5. This high-quality magnetic posture bracator supports compression and support for the upper and lower back (waist). Provides comfort, support and warmth to relieve pain.
6.10 The magnet is located around the spine and waist, helping to improve blood flow and alleviate the pain usually associated with bad posture.
7. Magnetic posture support also helps to relieve pain and correct bad posture. The magnetic posture support is easy to wear and does not cause any discomfort. Its lightweight design allows the wearer to use the support hidden under the garment. There is a strategically placed magnet inside the stent that targets the spine and waist area.
8. The shoulder width is adjustable and the support is fully adjustable. It can be placed under the arm or at the waist.

Hand washable and adjustable in size.


1. Made of durable, high quality neoprene and nylon (Velcro).
2. Completely use full-edge stitching.
3. Color: Black
Size bust
M 65-85cm 60-80cm
L 75-95cm 70-90cm
XL 85-105cm 80-100cm
XXL 95-115cm 90-110cm

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